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 Frey pies in the oven
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there’s nothing here for you except death.

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I’M SORRY I GOT REALLY ADDICTED TO EMOFURI SO I MADE EVEN MORE KAGEYAMA GIFS this time they’re not as wonky and i like the faces better

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❝I cured myself of shyness when it finally occurred to me that people didn’t think about me half as much as I gave them credit for. The truth was, nobody gave a damn. Like most teenagers, I was far too self-centered. When I stopped being prisoner to what I worried was others’ opinions of me, I became more confident and free.❞
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Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood ED 1: Uso by SID

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I’m a far more flawed human being than you realize.
My sickness is a lot worse than you think.
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The truth behind why Levi doesn’t smile.

Hanji you little shit

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kaneki doodle

im painting a lot bc im testing this brush

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Perhaps magic was once a mighty force in the world, but no longer. What little remains is no more than the wisp of smoke that lingers in the air after a great fire has burned out, and even that is fading. Valyria was the last ember, and Valyria is gone.”