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 crying with Keneki
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I love Oikawa and all, he's super cute and hilarious, but he is the worst senpai ever. I can't believe he woulda hit little baby prepubescent Kagayama. Thank the mangaka that Iwazumi stopped him.



If Kageyama was smart enough, he would have blocked Oikawa’s hand with the ball he was holding so that his hand would smack the volleyball hard enough to bounce back and hit Oikawa in the face, that would have been even better than Iwaizumi interfering.


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get to know me meme: [1/5] favorite female characters → mikasa ackerman

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Brienne curled up beneath her cloak, with Podrick yawning at her side. I was not always wary, she might have shouted down at Crabb. When I was a little girl I believed that all men were as noble as my father. Even the men who told her what a pretty girl she was, how tall and bright and clever, how graceful when she danced. It was Septa Roelle who ahd lifted the scales from her eyes. “They only say those things to win your lord father’s favor,” the woman had said. “You’ll find truth in your looking class, not on the tongues of men.” It was a harsh lesson, one that left her weeping, but it had stood her in good stead at Harrenhal when Ser Hyle and his friends had played their game. A maid has to be mistrustful in this world, or she will not be a maid for long, she was thinking, as the rain began to fall.

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"Oikawa! Stop picking fights with the first-years!"

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I was able to survive until now because of you. You are the one who let me live.

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— Please, Nanika, please heal Gon!

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Transparent & subtly animated Levi from ViVi Campaign official art

Hoodie thug boy goes shamefully ooc in 0,5 sec ..well cute smiles are cute

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Tokyo Ghoul Episode 12  vs. Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 64-66