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 Frey pies in the oven
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"The backstroke it’s actually my specialty. There’s not a single person in my hometown who hasn’t heard of me! By the way, the nickname they gave me is The Sea of Japan’s Sea Otter!”-Mikoshiba Momotarou

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Are you swimming or talking? Just pick one.

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The Warrior was Renly and Stannis, Robb and Robert, Jaime Lannister and Jon Snow. She even glimpsed Arya in those lines, just for an instant.

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princessofthewall replied to your post: I had to pick up an extra shift today …

He’s in it for, like, 30 seconds? I thought it was totally worth it but idk

30 seconds? I’ll take it. hahaha. gaaaaawwwwwwwwddddd. I need a whole ep of him tbqh. Like one whole ep of the Mikoshiba bros being cute.

mustached-snowman answered your post: I had to pick up an extra shift today …

no he wasn’t (it was still a great ep though ^^) it was mainly about nagisa and haru, mako en rei

Ah, DL is about to finish. I might as well watch it. Before I get spoiled by my dashboard. LMAO

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A little baby elephant stumbles into your askbox, holding a small letter in his mouth. He hands the note to you, “I love you. You are a wonderful, loved person." Pass it on to the first ten people on your dash anonymously.

Thanks my dear. xoxoxox

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easy chocolate cake

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this anime is about a serial killer

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If we live through this, remind me to thank you.

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The direwolf let go of Joffrey and moved to Arya’s side. The prince lay in the grass, whimpering, cradling his mangled arm. His shirt was soaked in blood. Arya said, “She didn’t hurt you…much." She picked up Lion’s Tooth where it had fallen, and stood over him, holding the sword with both hands.